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    Connecting your Apple device to your Sky wireless router

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    • It’s quick and easy to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the internet using your Sky Broadband wireless connection. Before you start, switch on your Apple device and check that your Sky wireless router is connected to the internet. 

      If you haven't set-up your Sky Broadband router, first you will need to unpack it and start it up. You can find help and advice on doing this in our Setting up your Sky Broadband router guide

      If you've not connected your router yet, don't forget to check your Sky Broadband activation date - you will not be able to set up your broadband connection if your Sky Broadband has not been activated. You should have received this in a letter from Sky or you can check online to see if your service has been activated

      Once you have set up your router, watch our instructional video or follow the step-by-step guide below. Please note that the router in the video may be different from your router at home, but the principle of connecting to the internet is exactly the same.

      Step 1 - Switch on your apple device
      Switch on your Apple device and find and select the Settingsicon. Unless you’ve moved it, this should be available on the first screen you see.

      Step 2 - Select the Wi-Fi option
      In the Settings menu, find and select the Wi-Fi option

      Step 3 - Make sure Wi-Fi is set to on
      If it’s not already, make sure the Wi-Fi selection option is set to ‘On’.

      Step 4 - Find your wireless network name
      For the next steps, you’ll need to know your wireless network name, also known as your SSID code. This is printed on the Keep Me Handy Card that came with your Sky Broadband wireless router. If you’ve lost it, don’t worry, your network name can also be found printed on a sticker at the base of your router. 

      Unless you’ve changed it, your wireless network name will probably be something like “SKY” followed by five numbers. For example SKY 12345.

      Step 5 - Choose a network on your apple device
      Now that you’ve found your SSID code, go back to your Apple device. 

      In the “Choose a Network” category, look through the list of available networks until you find your wireless network.

      Step 6 - Type in your password
      Click on your chosen network and you’ll be asked for a password. Your password can be found below your wireless network name on your Keep Me Handy Card or under your Sky Broadband wireless router. This is also known as Network Key

      The Network Key is case sensitive so make sure you enter the letters exactly as they’re printed.  There are no numbers in the Network Key , so if you see any circles they’ll be letter 'O's, not zeros. 

      When you type in the password you’ll see a series of dots instead of the letters. Don’t worry, your keyboard isn’t broken, this is just for security reasons.

      Step 7 - Select Join
      Once you’ve entered your network key, select join

      Step 8 - That's it. You are now online
      Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will now connect to your Sky Broadband network and you’ll see a tick against your highlighted wireless network name.

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