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    I have no connection

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    • First, pick your phone and check for a dial tone - no tone, no broadband. If your phone line isn't working, please check Sky Talk Troubleshooting or contact your line rental provider.

      Also check our Service Status page for any known broadband outage in your area. If no outages are shown in your area, these steps should help you reconnect:

      1. Shut down your computer and then switch both your computer and your router off at the plug. Now switch them back on again.

      Router lights


      2. Check the lights on your router. The internet light (@ sign) on your router should flash green if the router is connected.


      3. If the internet light (@ sign) on your Sky wireless router is not flashing green, check that all the microfilters (pictured below) and telephone extension cables are plugged in correctly.


      4. If your microfilters and cables are properly connected, check your telephone line - just pick up the receiver and listen. If you hear a clear dial tone, it's unlikely that there's a problem with your phone line. If you don't hear the dial tone, or the line is crackly, please contact your telephone provider - if that's Sky, see our troubleshooting guide.


      5. If the Internet light on your Sky wireless router is shining solid green then your router is connected, but your computer is not.

      a. Check your computer settings 
      b. Check that there is nothing in your home set-up that could be interfering with your wireless signal. 
      c. Try connecting to the internet via a wired connection using the Ethernet cable that came with your router. See our video guide.


      If you still don't have a connection, go through the checklist below.


      What to check if you have no Sky Broadband connection:

      Still having problems?

      Try resetting your router. While your Sky Broadband router is switched on, press and hold a blunt pointed object (such as a pen) in the small reset button on the back until the test light blinks, then release the button. Your Sky Broadband router will now restart with the default settings.

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