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    Set up a wired broadband connection

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    • To set up a wired connection with Sky Broadband you will need the Sky router, a computer or laptop and the yellow (Ethernet) cable. If you want to set up a wireless connection, please read our instructions on 
      how to set up a wireless connection with Sky Broadband

      First you will need to unpack and start up your Sky Broadband router. You can find help and advice on doing this in our Setting up your Sky Broadband router guide
      Don't forget to check your Sky Broadband activation date - you will not be able to set up your broadband connection if your Sky Broadband has not been activated yet. You should have received this in a letter from Sky or you can check online to see if your service has been activated

      Once you have set up your router, watch the instructional video or follow the step-by-step guide below. Please note that the router in the video may be different from your router at home, but the principle of connecting to the internet is exactly the same. 

      Connect your ethernet cable to your computer
      Take the yellow Ethernet cable and put one end into the back of your computer or laptop where you see the symbol below and be sure it clicks in.

      Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your router
      Check to see that the power light on the router is lit. The internet light should also be on. The internet light on your router may look like an ‘i’ or an ‘@’ sign   If these lights are on, push the other end of the Ethernet cable in to the back of the router as shown in the diagram. On the back of the router there are four ports. This will allow you to connect up to four devices (including games consoles and handheld devices) to the internet.

      Click on your internet browser icon
      Click on your internet browser icon or your desktop, if you have one there. You should now be able to connect to the internet. To test this, try sending an email or visit Sky.com.

      Are you still having trouble getting online?
      If you have any difficulty connecting to the internet, we have information to help you get online in no time. 

      I can’t connect to the internet or my connection keeps dropping out 

      My broadband connection is slow 

      Understand your broadband connection speed

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