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    0844/0871 and other non-geographic numbers - call costs links

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    • I can never find this stuff when I'm in a hurry - so here is a summary with some useful links :

      0870 and 0845 are 'free in line with your package' or charged as 01/02/03 numbers at other times

      For any other number prefix (eg 0844/0843/0871) it is 
      hideously complicated (deliberately?) ...

      You need to check the 
      precise number prefix in this list (possibly as many as the first 7 digits are relevant) 

      Then look up the charge code in the list which opens when you click 'Rates to UK landlines' on this page



      I think the whole think is a complete fraud on the public (not by talktalk but by the useless idiots in Ofcom who control UK telecoms) and am proud to say that I have only once ever (in a mad panic) dialled an 0844/0871 number.

      Given a few minutes, determined use of google and sayno will virtually always get an 01/02/03 number or even an old 0870 number which still works.

      A few extra tips when dialling 'alternative numbers'
      • Always 'cloak' your own number - this ensures that the company can't see where you are calling from and automatically block your call - just dial 141 before the number
      • If anyone tells you that you must ring the 0844 number then say you are at work and premium lines are blocked
      • Don't give up - even prime offenders like Sky have alternative numbers if you keep trying (I had a 45 minute call at their expense on an 0800 number last time I needed to call them )
      making a trunk call 

      It's better to burn out than it is to rust 

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