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    First bill explained

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    • On your first billing date with TalkTalk, you will be charged your first month's subscription in advance, as well as a part-month charge for any services that were active before your billing date. This is because your TalkTalk services are paid for in advance.

      Boosts are also charged in advance so you may incur a part month charge for a Boost on your first bill, your first bill will also include charges for any calls you have made in the first few days of having the service.

      For a more detailed explanation, read the example below.

      • 5th September - A new TalkTalk customer signs up to Essentials
      • 20th September - The landline service goes live.
      • 5th October - The first bill will be generated. This is because the customer signed up on 5th September. Therefore all future bills will be generated on the 5th of each month. 

      On 5th October, the customer will be charged their full month's subscription charge for the coming month (5th October to 5th November), as well as a part-month charge for the days between 20th September and 5th October (15 days). This is because the service was active for that period, but no payment was made to cover those days.

      Here is a detailed breakdown of the part-month charge for September:

      • Monthly fee for Essentials plus line rental
      • divided by 30 (days in September)
      • multiplied by 15 (days until the next billing date)

      Therefore, the first bill will be the part month charge for September plus the full month charge for October.

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