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    Time Related Charges - An Explanation

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    • Hello all,

      If you experience a fault on your line we will advise what testing needs to be completed to eliminate any possible fault with your internal wiring or equipment. To do this we will normally request you to test with an alternative handset, modem, filters etc at the master socket and if present your test socket. The reason for requesting such tests is to avoid Time Related Charges (TRC`s).

      Like other service providers we use BT Openreach to investigate and resolve faults on your line, this is because the line & exchange is owned and maintained by Openreach. TalkTalk have the option to send either an Openreach or Qube engineer to investigate your fault, depending on the outcome of the diagnostics tests completed we will make a suggestion as to which is needed. 

      Qube Engineer 
      If you are unable to complete the required diagnostics or we feel the root cause of the fault to be with your equipment or internal wiring we may send a Qube engineer who will test everything from your computer to the master socket and everything in-between. If needed a Qube engineer can replace a faulty router or fix faulty extension socket. When we arrange a Qube we will always advise that the visit will be charged at £49.99 however in certain scenarios you will not be charged for example if the engineer doesn’t complete any work, the engineer will advise whether or not the visit is chargeable before leaving the property.

      If the Qube engineer suspects a fault with the line and cannot locate any issue in your home, a subsequent visit by an Openreach engineer may be required. Please note that the Qube engineer may complete work in an attempt to resolve your fault but be unable to fully resolve the issue. In the event that the Openreach engineer identifies the fault on the line you will not be charged for the Openreach visit. 

      For the most part if a Qube engineer has given the “all clear” in your home you shouldn’t be charged for the subsequent visit from Openreach, however the fact that a Qube engineer has been to your home doesn’t automatically waive the charge should an Openreach engineer find an issue in your home. 

      Openreach Engineer
      These will be sent if we believe the fault to be on your line, if an Openreach engineer visits to resolve a fault and finds no fault with the line or the root cause to be your equipment or internal wiring then you will be liable for the charges. Openreach engineers are charged at a flat rate of £129.99. 

      We are unable to book any of the above engineers unless the account holder accepts TRC`s. In the event that you refuse to accept TRC`s we will not be able to progress your fault any further

      How do I dispute a charge?
      If you have had charges added to your account and didn’t agree to accept possible charges or was advised that the visit would be free you should contact customer services 0870 444 1820 or post in the Customer Services section of the forum to raise a dispute. Your dispute will be logged and investigated, the charges team will aim to respond to you within 14days.

      My dispute has been rejected, what do I do?
      If, following the investigation you have been advised that the charges are valid and you wish dispute this further you should follow our complaint code by putting your complaint in writing. 

      NOTE: This applies to both LLU, WLR & IPStream customers. No profit is made by TalkTalk on these charges.

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      Broadband & Voice Faults - If you have a fault with your service please contact technical support on 0870 444 1820 lines are open 8am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 9pm-6pm (Sat) & 10am-5pm (Sun). Alternatively you can email us using our online contact form.

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