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    Understanding your online bill

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    • To access your online bill, follow the steps below:

      1. Go to My Account.
      2. Enter your Email address and Password and click Log in.
      3. Click Bills & payments on the left menu.
      4. Click Summary.

      Your online bill is much more detailed than your regular paper bill and can look complicated at a first glance. Here, you can find out how to get the information you need from your online bill, as well as some suggestions on how to choose the right Boosts and calling features to help you to save money on your bill.

      Setting up online billing

      To view your bills online, you must sign up to My Account and set your billing method to online billing. If you haven't already done this, please see: How do I sign up for online billing? There, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to set up online billing.

      Your online bill explained

      To help make your online bill easier to understand, please see the pdf here. This expalins all the areas of the bill.

      Itemised calls

      Click Itemised calls on the left where you'll find details about each of the calls you've made. The details you can see are:

      • Call type - for example, national, international or mobile
      • Date and time the call was made
      • The number that was dialled
      • Destination
      • Call duration
      • Cost of the call (including VAT)

      You can sort the list of calls according to any of these details. This makes tracking certain types of calls easier. For example, if you want to see all the calls made to a particular number, clickNumber at the top of the list and the list will be sorted numerically. Scroll through the list to find the number you want to see, and all the calls made to that number will be listed together, regardless of the date and time the call was made.

      Note: The list is automatically sorted by date. If you wish to return to this view, click Date at the top.

      Frequently called numbers

      Click Frequently called on the left to find out which numbers you dialled most frequently. You can you use the information in this area to decide what Boosts and calling features can save you money on your monthly bills. This area can also help you to decide which numbers should be included in your Calling Circle.

      Call analysis

      Click Call analysis on the left for a breakdown of the types of calls that you make most frequently. You can you use the information in this area to decide what calling features can save you money on your monthly bills. The types of calls you make can help you to help decide what Boosts to choose to save money on your bills.

      Manage bill method

      You can choose your billing method by clicking Manage bill method on the left. You can choose online billing or paper billing. Paper billing costs £1.48 per bill printed. Select the option you want and click Confirm.


      The Payment option on the left allows you to set up or change your direct debit details. You can also make a one-off card payment in this area.

      Looking for an explanation of your paper bill? Please see: How do I read my TalkTalk paper bill?

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