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    Understanding your paper bill

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    • Your TalkTalk bill shows the monthly charges for your line rental, your call plan and any calling features you have set up, plus a fully itemised list of all your calls, showing which calls were free and which were to numbers in your Calling Circle. With this information you can decide what calling features and Boosts will help you to save you money on your bills.

      To help make your paper bill easier to understand, please see the picture below. The areas marked 1-4 with arrows are explained on the right-hand side of the picture. See the corresponding number for the explanation. You can find some additional information under the picture

      Paper bill screen shot

      1. A breakdown

      This gives you more detail about your call plan, line rental and any extra services you've chosen. If we supply your line rental, this will be charged at £11.49 a month.

      2. Part-month charges

      On your first bill you'll see a part-month charge covering from the time you signed up until now. Want to know more? Go to www.talktalk.co.uk/help

      3. Advance month charges

      A breakdown of your current month's bill is shown here. You'll see the monthly charges for your TalkTalk package, line rental and broadband, if applicable. You pay for these in advance.

      4. One-off charges

      As well as your call plan and any part-month charges,  your bill may include a one-off connection fee.

      Your call charges and usage: This is the total charge for all your chargeable calls.
      Account credits and debits: Any credits or debits to be added to your account.
      Total new charges: This is the total amount of your bill this month, including all credits, debits and VAT.

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