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    What is my wireless network name and wireless password?

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    • If you have forgotten your wireless name or password, there are a couple of ways you can find it.


      Check your sticker

      Most routers have a sticker on it showing the details you need.

      On the sticker, your wireless network name could be called:

      • Wireless network name
      • SSID
      • WLAN
      • WLAN SSID


      Your wireless password could be called:

      • Wireless password
      • WPA
      • WEP


      Note: If you have changed your network name/password manually it will be different to your sticker


      Check your router

      If you do not have a sticker on your router, or you have changed it yourself, you can check the settings on your router. Simply select your router and follow the wireless setup guide to reset the password.


      Note: If you have changed your login details to access your router settings and do not know them, you will need to hard reset your router and re-enter the settings.

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