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  • How can I pay my bill?

    • There are a number of ways to pay your BT bill. You can set up a Monthly Payment Plan (where you pay a set amount each month) or a Whole Bill Direct Debit (where you pay your whole bill automatically when it is due). Alternatively you can pay by credit or debit card online, over the telephone, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

      It's worth noting that your bill will show that we charge in advance for our services. Your first bill will also include charges for any calls you have made in the first few days of having the service.

      Pay online

      See your latest bill and pay it online by credit or debit card now at My BT.

      We accept Maestro (Switch), Solo, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa and Mastercard.

      Monthly Payment Plan

      Spread the cost of your bills over the year by paying a set amount each month by Direct Debit on the day you choose. Monthly Payment Plan is subject to status. To set up a Monthly Payment Plan, visit www.bt.com/payments or call our automated telephone service on 0800 44 33 11. You will need your bank account details.

      Whole Bill Direct Debit

      Automatically pay the whole of each bill when it is due by Direct Debit. We give the date on your bill when we'll collect payment (normally 10 days after the bill date). To set up a Whole Bill Direct Debit, visit www.bt.com/payments or call our automated telephone service on 0800 44 33 11. You will need your bank account details.

      Information about the payment processing fee

      Customers choosing not to pay by Whole Bill Direct Debit or Monthly Payment Plan will be charged a payment processing fee of £1.80 a month / £5.40 a quarter. The payment processing fee will be charged by BT Payment Services Ltd, a separate BT Group company. This fee is one of the lowest in the industry.

      Over the telephone

      Pay your bill with your credit or debit card by calling our automated telephone service on 0800 44 33 11.

      Please have your bill handy so you can check any details you'll need. We accept Maestro (Switch), Solo, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa and Mastercard.

      Bank transfer

      You may be able to pay your bill through a simple bank transfer from your current account, over the phone or online. We don't charge for this facility, but you should check with your bank or building society concerning any charges or terms and conditions that might apply. You will need to quote our bank account number (00375853) and sort code (20-00-00). You may also be asked for a reference number - please use your BT account number (shown at the top of your bill, for example EA12345678).


      Make your cheque payable to BT Payment Services Ltd; cross it A/C payee only and write your account number on the back. Send the cheque and completed payment slip to Telephone Payment Centre, Durham, DH98 1BT (or use the envelope provided). We don't accept post-dated cheques. Don't send cash by post.


      Use your BT Payment Card to pay your bill in full or make payments towards it, providing you pay the full balance by the date stated. You can pay at PayPoints in supermarkets, newsagents, stores or petrol stations displaying the yellow PayPoint sign. Alternatively, please take your bill and barcoded payment slip to any PayPoint outlet. Please retain your receipts.

      Late payment charges

      Please pay your bill promptly as failure to do so could lead to a late payment charge of £7.50. Switching to Monthly Payment Plan or Whole Bill Direct Debit means there's no risk of getting a late payment charge.

      There is no need to call us to let us know you have paid your bill.

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  • I think I've been charged twice for a service

    • When you change your telephone calling plan, calling feature, a broadband or BT Vision package (like changing from a Silver Value Pack to a Gold Value Pack) you may get a bill that's confusing or looks like you've been charged twice.

      Don't worry, you won't be charged twice. But because BT charges in advance for our services, you'll see charges for both your old and new services on the bill - even though your old service has been cancelled. You'll be refunded what you paid in advance for your old service on the same bill that shows the advance charges for your new service.

      This can also happen when BT renames or reprices our products and services. When name changes occur, it is common to see that you've been refunded for the old product name and then charged the same price for the new product name.

      There may be other reasons why you think you have been charged twice, please use the links below for further information:


      Example of a bill after a package or plan has been changed

      1st MayMr. Smith is on the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan and is charged in advance for his service. This is shown on the bill he gets every three months.
      Mr. Smith's bill is issued on 1st May and will show the standard advance charges from 1st May to the 31st July, as shown below.

      Standard charges on bill

      23rd MayOn the May 23rd Mr. Smith calls BT to change from the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan to the Unlimited Anytime Plan. Because he's already been charged for the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan on the bill from the 1st May, the changes he's made will be shown on his next bill.

      1st AugustWhen Mr. Smith's next bill is produced on 1st August, he can see the changes to his rental charges. You can see from the highlighted area on the bill pictured below that Mr. Smith has been refunded the charges he's paid in advance for his old Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan.

      This refund is from the time Mr. Smith changed the package (23rd May) until the end of the previous billing period (31st July). The refunded amount shows as -£35.63.

      Refund of charges

      On the same bill, Mr. Smith is charged for that same period of time for his new Unlimited Anytime Plan - highlighted below.

      Charge for new package

      Mr. Smith is also charged the standard advance charges for his new Unlimited Anytime Plan for the period of the new bill (1st August to the 31st October) - shown below the highlighted area in the picture above.

      Note: charges used in the above images are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect actual prices.

      Charged for free Caller Display or BT Privacy

      The Caller Display service is only free as part of BT Privacy, if you make two chargeable calls each month. Click on the link below for more information:

      BT Privacy BT Privacy

      Charged for equipment you no longer have

      If you're being charged for equipment (such as a rented phone or bell), which you no longer have, please contact us using the link below.

      Contact Us Contact Us

      Line Rental Saver

      If you've taken up the Line Rental Saver Offer, your next bill will be adjusted to include the payment you have made. If you pay your bill by Monthly Payment Plan, your monthly payment may also be adjusted.

      I've checked all of the above, and still think I've been charged twice

      Unfortunately mistakes can sometimes happen. Where the mistake is a genuine error on our part we'll do our best to rectify the mistake quickly. If you believe you have been charged for a product or service more than once, please contact us using the link below:

      Contact Us Contact Us

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  • Can I view my bill online?

    • Register for free online billing at www.bt.com/mybt and you'll benefit from having your BT account information at your fingertips online.

      Sign up to:

      • View all your bills, stored online for up to 15 months
      • Easily pay your bill or change your payment method
      • Check your recent usage and call costs, updated daily
      • Check your advanced line rental charges
      • Download and print your bills if you want to
      • Manage the features of your services, such as Friends & Family add-ons

      Sign up at My BT now. All you need is an email address and your account number, which you’ll find at the top of your latest bill.

      If you register for online billing and choose to go paper-free, we'll stop sending your bills through the post. All your bills will be online for you instead.

      • We'll send you an email when your new bill is ready to view.

      All you need to register at My BT is an email address and your account number, which you’ll find at the top of your latest bill.

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  • Understanding your Sky account bill

    • Your first Sky bill

      We will only start charging you for a Sky service (TV, Broadband or Talk) from the day it is activated. When the first of your Sky services is activated, we'll send you a letter, or email, confirming the monthly charge or, in the case of TV, the monthly subscription charge for your chosen channel package. 

      This letter or email will also confirm the period that your first bill covers, how much it will be, and when we'll take the first Direct Debit or automatic credit card payment. 

      This payment will be taken 14 days after the first service is activated. For example, if your Sky TV is activated on the 4th of July, your payment will be taken on the 18th of July. This will cover the period of the 4th of July to the 3rd of August for your TV subscription.  All monthly payments after this will be taken on the 4th of every month, unless you make any changes or change your payment due date.


      Your second Sky bill

      Payment for the second bill is taken about two weeks after the first, in this example, the 4th August. This covers the period 4th August to 3rd September and includes advance charges, such as TV subscription, Sky Broadband and Sky Line Rental. 




      This also covers additional fixed priced services – like Sky Broadband and Talk, Line Rental - that we’ve made active since issuing your last bill. Plus, any services we charge for after you’ve used them, Like Sky Box Office or calls outside your Sky Talk package.

      For fixed price services that go active between bills, such as Sky Broadband and Talk, you’ll find that the number of days billed equals more than one month. That’s because there’s a part charge amount for the month when the services went active, plus the monthly advance cost for the coming month’s service.

      All subsequent payments will be a month apart and on the 4th of each month, using this example (unless you make any changes to your subscriptions or change your payment due date).

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  • Understanding your paper bill

    • Your TalkTalk bill shows the monthly charges for your line rental, your call plan and any calling features you have set up, plus a fully itemised list of all your calls, showing which calls were free and which were to numbers in your Calling Circle. With this information you can decide what calling features and Boosts will help you to save you money on your bills.

      To help make your paper bill easier to understand, please see the picture below. The areas marked 1-4 with arrows are explained on the right-hand side of the picture. See the corresponding number for the explanation. You can find some additional information under the picture

      Paper bill screen shot

      1. A breakdown

      This gives you more detail about your call plan, line rental and any extra services you've chosen. If we supply your line rental, this will be charged at £11.49 a month.

      2. Part-month charges

      On your first bill you'll see a part-month charge covering from the time you signed up until now. Want to know more? Go to www.talktalk.co.uk/help

      3. Advance month charges

      A breakdown of your current month's bill is shown here. You'll see the monthly charges for your TalkTalk package, line rental and broadband, if applicable. You pay for these in advance.

      4. One-off charges

      As well as your call plan and any part-month charges,  your bill may include a one-off connection fee.

      Your call charges and usage: This is the total charge for all your chargeable calls.
      Account credits and debits: Any credits or debits to be added to your account.
      Total new charges: This is the total amount of your bill this month, including all credits, debits and VAT.

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  • Understanding your online bill

    • To access your online bill, follow the steps below:

      1. Go to My Account.
      2. Enter your Email address and Password and click Log in.
      3. Click Bills & payments on the left menu.
      4. Click Summary.

      Your online bill is much more detailed than your regular paper bill and can look complicated at a first glance. Here, you can find out how to get the information you need from your online bill, as well as some suggestions on how to choose the right Boosts and calling features to help you to save money on your bill.

      Setting up online billing

      To view your bills online, you must sign up to My Account and set your billing method to online billing. If you haven't already done this, please see: How do I sign up for online billing? There, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to set up online billing.

      Your online bill explained

      To help make your online bill easier to understand, please see the pdf here. This expalins all the areas of the bill.

      Itemised calls

      Click Itemised calls on the left where you'll find details about each of the calls you've made. The details you can see are:

      • Call type - for example, national, international or mobile
      • Date and time the call was made
      • The number that was dialled
      • Destination
      • Call duration
      • Cost of the call (including VAT)

      You can sort the list of calls according to any of these details. This makes tracking certain types of calls easier. For example, if you want to see all the calls made to a particular number, clickNumber at the top of the list and the list will be sorted numerically. Scroll through the list to find the number you want to see, and all the calls made to that number will be listed together, regardless of the date and time the call was made.

      Note: The list is automatically sorted by date. If you wish to return to this view, click Date at the top.

      Frequently called numbers

      Click Frequently called on the left to find out which numbers you dialled most frequently. You can you use the information in this area to decide what Boosts and calling features can save you money on your monthly bills. This area can also help you to decide which numbers should be included in your Calling Circle.

      Call analysis

      Click Call analysis on the left for a breakdown of the types of calls that you make most frequently. You can you use the information in this area to decide what calling features can save you money on your monthly bills. The types of calls you make can help you to help decide what Boosts to choose to save money on your bills.

      Manage bill method

      You can choose your billing method by clicking Manage bill method on the left. You can choose online billing or paper billing. Paper billing costs £1.48 per bill printed. Select the option you want and click Confirm.


      The Payment option on the left allows you to set up or change your direct debit details. You can also make a one-off card payment in this area.

      Looking for an explanation of your paper bill? Please see: How do I read my TalkTalk paper bill?

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  • First bill explained

    • On your first billing date with TalkTalk, you will be charged your first month's subscription in advance, as well as a part-month charge for any services that were active before your billing date. This is because your TalkTalk services are paid for in advance.

      Boosts are also charged in advance so you may incur a part month charge for a Boost on your first bill, your first bill will also include charges for any calls you have made in the first few days of having the service.

      For a more detailed explanation, read the example below.

      • 5th September - A new TalkTalk customer signs up to Essentials
      • 20th September - The landline service goes live.
      • 5th October - The first bill will be generated. This is because the customer signed up on 5th September. Therefore all future bills will be generated on the 5th of each month. 

      On 5th October, the customer will be charged their full month's subscription charge for the coming month (5th October to 5th November), as well as a part-month charge for the days between 20th September and 5th October (15 days). This is because the service was active for that period, but no payment was made to cover those days.

      Here is a detailed breakdown of the part-month charge for September:

      • Monthly fee for Essentials plus line rental
      • divided by 30 (days in September)
      • multiplied by 15 (days until the next billing date)

      Therefore, the first bill will be the part month charge for September plus the full month charge for October.

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  • I've seen a telephone number that I don't recognise

    • There is a National Numbering Plan in the UK that is designed to be easy to understand and consistent across the country. The plan shows what numbers are used by different types of service. Depending on what TalkTalk package you have bought, the prices will vary and we recommend that you look to www.talktalk.co.uk/pricing for more detailed information about the price of calling from a TalkTalk line.

      If you still have questions about a number on your bill, you can get further detail on our Common Number page talktalk.co.uk/commonnumbers. Just type in the number at the top of the page and it will explain a non-geographic number (e.g. business, government, discounted numbers etc). The table below shows the major categories of numbers.






      Access for international calls.



      National geographic numbers in the UK.



      National geographic numbers in the UK.


      030,033, 034 and 037

      National non-geographic numbers with calls charged at or below rates for geographic numbers.



      Not used.



      Numbers that are free to call.



      Corporate numbers.



      Not used.



      Personal numbers.



      Radio paging calling.


      071 – 075
      077 – 079

      Mobile telephones.


      0800, 0808

      National numbers that are free to call.



      National numbers for Internet for school services.



      National numbers – please refer towww.talktalk.co.uk/pricing for your pricing information



      National numbers – please refer towww.talktalk.co.uk/pricing for your pricing information



      National numbers – please refer towww.talktalk.co.uk/pricing for your pricing information


      0871, 0872

      National numbers – please refer towww.talktalk.co.uk/pricing for your pricing information


      090, 091 and 098

      Numbers for special services where premium rate call charges apply.



      Access to services and facilities.






      Emergency Assistance.



      Directory Enquiries.



      Dialling 141 before you dial a number means that your number will be withheld. This service is called blocking your calling line identity (CLI).

      2 - 8


      Not used in the National Number Plan, but may be used for local dialling to geographic numbers and as ‘short codes’ from mobile telephones.



      Emergency assistance.

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    • I can never find this stuff when I'm in a hurry - so here is a summary with some useful links :

      0870 and 0845 are 'free in line with your package' or charged as 01/02/03 numbers at other times

      For any other number prefix (eg 0844/0843/0871) it is 
      hideously complicated (deliberately?) ...

      You need to check the 
      precise number prefix in this list (possibly as many as the first 7 digits are relevant) 

      Then look up the charge code in the list which opens when you click 'Rates to UK landlines' on this page



      I think the whole think is a complete fraud on the public (not by talktalk but by the useless idiots in Ofcom who control UK telecoms) and am proud to say that I have only once ever (in a mad panic) dialled an 0844/0871 number.

      Given a few minutes, determined use of google and sayno will virtually always get an 01/02/03 number or even an old 0870 number which still works.

      A few extra tips when dialling 'alternative numbers'
      • Always 'cloak' your own number - this ensures that the company can't see where you are calling from and automatically block your call - just dial 141 before the number
      • If anyone tells you that you must ring the 0844 number then say you are at work and premium lines are blocked
      • Don't give up - even prime offenders like Sky have alternative numbers if you keep trying (I had a 45 minute call at their expense on an 0800 number last time I needed to call them )
      making a trunk call 

      It's better to burn out than it is to rust 

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    • Hello all,

      If you experience a fault on your line we will advise what testing needs to be completed to eliminate any possible fault with your internal wiring or equipment. To do this we will normally request you to test with an alternative handset, modem, filters etc at the master socket and if present your test socket. The reason for requesting such tests is to avoid Time Related Charges (TRC`s).

      Like other service providers we use BT Openreach to investigate and resolve faults on your line, this is because the line & exchange is owned and maintained by Openreach. TalkTalk have the option to send either an Openreach or Qube engineer to investigate your fault, depending on the outcome of the diagnostics tests completed we will make a suggestion as to which is needed. 

      Qube Engineer 
      If you are unable to complete the required diagnostics or we feel the root cause of the fault to be with your equipment or internal wiring we may send a Qube engineer who will test everything from your computer to the master socket and everything in-between. If needed a Qube engineer can replace a faulty router or fix faulty extension socket. When we arrange a Qube we will always advise that the visit will be charged at £49.99 however in certain scenarios you will not be charged for example if the engineer doesn’t complete any work, the engineer will advise whether or not the visit is chargeable before leaving the property.

      If the Qube engineer suspects a fault with the line and cannot locate any issue in your home, a subsequent visit by an Openreach engineer may be required. Please note that the Qube engineer may complete work in an attempt to resolve your fault but be unable to fully resolve the issue. In the event that the Openreach engineer identifies the fault on the line you will not be charged for the Openreach visit. 

      For the most part if a Qube engineer has given the “all clear” in your home you shouldn’t be charged for the subsequent visit from Openreach, however the fact that a Qube engineer has been to your home doesn’t automatically waive the charge should an Openreach engineer find an issue in your home. 

      Openreach Engineer
      These will be sent if we believe the fault to be on your line, if an Openreach engineer visits to resolve a fault and finds no fault with the line or the root cause to be your equipment or internal wiring then you will be liable for the charges. Openreach engineers are charged at a flat rate of £129.99. 

      We are unable to book any of the above engineers unless the account holder accepts TRC`s. In the event that you refuse to accept TRC`s we will not be able to progress your fault any further

      How do I dispute a charge?
      If you have had charges added to your account and didn’t agree to accept possible charges or was advised that the visit would be free you should contact customer services 0870 444 1820 or post in the Customer Services section of the forum to raise a dispute. Your dispute will be logged and investigated, the charges team will aim to respond to you within 14days.

      My dispute has been rejected, what do I do?
      If, following the investigation you have been advised that the charges are valid and you wish dispute this further you should follow our complaint code by putting your complaint in writing. 

      NOTE: This applies to both LLU, WLR & IPStream customers. No profit is made by TalkTalk on these charges.

      TalkTalk`s Online Community Team: Meet the forum staff and ensure you know Who`s Who

      Quick Links:
      l Speed Test l Network Status l Exchange Capacity l Help Articles lExtension Leads, Do Not Use Them l
      l Time Related Charges - An Explanation l lTalkTalk Customer Complaints Code l
      Customer Service Issues - If you need help with a billing or any customer service related issues please contact customer services on 0870 444 1820 lines are open8am-8pm (Mon-Fri), 9pm-6pm (Sat) & 10am-5pm (Sun). Alternatively you can email us using our online contact form.

      Broadband & Voice Faults - If you have a fault with your service please contact technical support on 0870 444 1820 lines are open 8am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 9pm-6pm (Sat) & 10am-5pm (Sun). Alternatively you can email us using our online contact form.

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  • How To...... Register For Online Billing

  • Understanding your Sky account bill

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    • From a landline dial:
      0800 800 150 

      From a mobile dial:
      0330 123 4150* 

      Opening hours
      Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am to 6pm 

      If you need to call us from abroad, you can reach us on +44 179 359 6931. The cost of the call will depend on which country you are calling from.

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    • From a landline dial:
      0800 328 6738 

      Opening hours
      Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm, Sunday 9am - 6pm

      Call us to discuss your options if you are closing your BT Total Broadband account. Should you choose to close your account while you're still under contract, you may incur some in-term charges. If you give us a call, we can confirm this for you.

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  • O2 Contact Details

    • Home Broadband Technical SupportDialCharges
      From your O2 mobile800 230 0202Free
      From a landline0800 230 0202Free
      Opening hoursMonday - Sunday24 hours

      Home Broadband Customer ServiceDialCharges
      From your O2 mobile800 230 0202Free
      From a landline0800 230 0202Free
      Opening hoursMonday - Friday08:00 - 21:00
       Saturday08:00 - 20:00
       Sunday08:00 - 18:00

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    • DepartmentNumberAvailability
      Residential Sales

      0800 432 0200
      (option 3)

      07:00 - 22:00 Monday to Friday
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      Have your payment details handy to place an order
      Business Sales

      0114 296 5182
      (option 2)

      09:00 - 17:30 Monday to Friday
      09:00 - 16:00 Saturday
      Partner Sales

      0114 296 5171
      (option 1)

      09:00 - 17:30 Monday to Friday
      Residential Support0800 432 0200All day, every day
      You'll need your username and password handy
      Business Support0114 296 5182
      0845 002 0170
      All day, every day
      Cancellations0845 140 600209:00 - 17:30 every weekday (except Bank Holidays)

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    • call us:*
      0844 873 8586

      free from an Orange pay monthly phone:

      * Calls from an Orange Home Phone are free. Calls from a BT landline or your second line (if you have one) cost 5.1p a minute. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes

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